Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had delusions of thinking I could post my whole testing fiasco to do with figuring out my galbladder is causing me much problems. Alas, it is now 1150 the night before the actual surgery to remove said galbladder and I am not only out of time, Iam out of wit. I am nervous as hell and trying to focus solely on getting to the IV portion. I have what is called a "vaso-vago response" which means I faint when there are needles involved. I figure if I can make it to the IV thing then I'll pass out and wake up after it's all over, more or less. maybe tomorrow or Thursday I can post some amusements to do with the surgery and recovery and my mom and the many well wishes and HIGHLY appreciated prayers that have gone out on my behalf regarding this. For now I will spare you a picture of the gallbladder.

p.s. if something 'unexpected' happens, someone get my sister to go get the envelope out of my small top desk drawer under the organizer. Shanks!!

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  1. Something unexpected? Some of us have seen too many movies. Thanks for NOT posting photos of what the Dr. saw inside during your surgery. Another blogger did and I almost lost my lunch.