Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 9 - this just in

I had an idea for this post. And now I don't have the energy or desire to be that ranty and pissy.

I pondered what else I oculd write about. In the middle of an average work day i run into at least 3-4 producible (as in produced) ideas. but somehow, by the time I make it home and settle down here to write those ideas are all completely and utterly gone. And I have to truly rack my brains trying to find a worthwhile idea.

I got a new cell phone tonight! Yeah, I could go take a picture off the web of what the phone is, but I had my old phone for 42 months, so i'm not used ot the new one and truth be told I'm not so sure i like it. I have 30 days to decide.

I got a new couch!! But to truly share the joy that is the new couch, I'd need pictures, and I'm already sitting here typing and pics here on blogger can be kind of a pain. But I do love my new couch.

I got 2 new dressers!!! Again, to truly share the joy I'd want pictures. but these dressers aren't even put together yet, so you'd get a picture of 2 side by side boxes. But, since i brought it up, I do have a long dresser 6 large drawers and a middle section of 3 small drawers, all very solid wood and in good shape. If you can haul it, you can have it. But, even that is lacking because I am too lazy to go take a picture of it.

Then I decided my topic. And realized it would be a whole new thing for us! And promptly realized I may be out of touch this weekend .... I do not have a laptop nor access to one, to my knowledge, and I will be way out of town. hmm. this should be interesting.

My weekend plans are fantastic. At least I hope they end up being fantastic. I have a pretty reasonable set of expectations so I think I'll be ok.

Friday morning from 7 am to 9 am begins the Registration for L'Bri Pure 'n Natural's National Convention!!!!!!!!

What is L'Bri you ask? Well, L'Bri is a pure and natural skincare company with aloe-based products that don't contain water. Because we figure you can get water out of your tap. I have been using L'Bri skincare for about 4 years now and became a consultant with them last year. I absolutely love this product. I can truly say that I have, literally, seen a difference in my own skin in various subtle and not so subtle ways in the 4 years I've been using it. And I absolutely love that I can help other people solve and cure their own skin challenges and feel better about what they present to the world. It truly is a Phenomenal company. I have met the founder and president, Linda Kaminski, 3 times. In person, I've chatted with her! And the company has been in business for 10 years!

I am very excited to say that this year I'm taking a chance and going to this convention. Last year I didn't go because I just couldn't convince myself to spend the money or something. This year, I'm taking a chance. God and I have a vision for my next few years you see, and L'Bri is part of that vision.

The only downside is that i have to be ... ((gasp)) I just googled it, a whole hour away from my own house by 730 on Friday morning to pick up a consultant friend to drive to wherever the heck this ting is, somewhere outside of Chicago, for two days of training and sharing and enjoyment and excitement. Well, there is a 2nd downside. Her hubby is coming down to meet up with her for the Saturday nite awards banquet so they'll drive back home together and I'll drive back home alone. C'est la vie.

But, like I said, I'll be at this thing with no laptop and no obvious access to a computer. so, I guess we'll be blogging til Labor Day!!

I ate something not happy at lunch and almost gave myself a migraine. I still have a headache and I'm very tired. So rather than waxing nostalgic or something about this convention I am quite excited about, I'm going to go wash my face and crash on my new couch with New in Town and play with my new cell phone and figure out how to get rid of a 6,000 pound dresser.

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