Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember

I wrote this on Sept 11 of 2006. I am wearing the only patriotic shirt I own. My radio station is doing a moment of silence / memorial thing. And all I can think is

"I remember..."

So, I share this. Never forget.
I remember what you did. I remember watching the second plane hit. I remember going to work and being in a functioning state of shock about what had happened and yet being detached because I am so far away from it. I remember wondering what it meant and where we would go from here. How would our lives change after this. I remember hearing the names read. I remember seeing the documentaries. I remember. Nothing can make me forget. This is my Pearl Harbor. In my remembering is my power. I remember your cowardice. I remember your defeat in Pennsylvania. I remember your ongoing defeat as we continue to live our lives much as we always have.

So, I had to tell you that you can’t make me be afraid. You can’t make me slouch when I walk in an effort to look smaller. You can’t make me stop flying. You can’t make me stop traveling. You can’t make me be afraid to get on a plane, no matter what day it is. You can’t make me afraid to visit a monument or attraction. I refuse your fear. You are a coward. You thrive on fear, but not here, not anymore.

You see, you can’t even scare me with death. I will do as I please, visit what I want to see and travel to wherever I’d like without worrying about your plans. For me death would be release. Release from this world. My eternity is decided and secure. I will go on living gloriously in eternity with the love of my life.

So, you see, you have no sway over me. You have no hold on me. You get no say in my life. I will make my choices as an American and as a woman and you don’t even get input much less an opinion or a say.

You tried to defeat us, but all you really did was mobilize us. You tried to instill fear and all you did was scare us for a moment. We are not afraid. We are still flying. We are still traveling. You have not stopped us. You have, however, drawn wrath down upon your heads. May God have mercy on your souls. We have not forgotten and neither has He.

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