Saturday, December 26, 2009

Productive Saturday!

once in awhile, let's say Quarterly (because it sounds more polished and intentional) I wake up on a Saturday morning and feel motivated to Do Something. To be Productive. And I mean internally motivated to be productive in my own space. Not the kind of Motivated because I am meeting someone somewhere, or productive because someone Important is coming to see me or something. Just internally feel the unpredictable gumption to Do Something.

This morning I woke up late. Deliciously late. And deliciously rested. Knowing for certain I am required to leave the cozy loveliness of my bed or I will spend the entirety of the day with a headache, because i can feel it brewing up already when my eyes open.

So I leave my coziness and begin The Drunken Sailor Walk. Somehow, while sleeping my legs forget how to function and I wander my apartment grabbing walls and paying 99% of my attention to my walking to get to the coffee maker.

I get to my living room and see that it is Snowing outside. Not quite blizzard, beautiful lovely white falkes filling the sky. And then I watch someone down the road overshoot their driveway by sliding past it a few feet. And I think, "Guess I'm not going anywhere today!"

This morning I made Divinely Delicious Chocolate coffee. Deeee-lish!! And drank it out of my brand-new coffee mug given to me by the best neighbors a girl could ask for. It says:

What's new?
Same old. People need killing.
(don't freak out, it's a movie quote I love)

And I love it. It makes me smile every time and I laughed Loud and Hard when I first read it.

And I was Motivated. Inclined to be Productive. So I looked around my kitchen while my coffee was brewing and realized there was Disgustingness in my sink. so I rinsed that all out. Set it aside and started a new sink of dishwater.

Remembered for the Nth time that I wanted to brown the 2 lbs of hamburger I bought to share Chili!!!!!!!!!!! with my neighbors tonight. So I started that in a frying pan on the stove.

Thought to myself "Hm, I think I'd like some eggs for breakfast. And toast. Y! U! M!" So I cracked some eggs, whipped them into a scrambled frenzy and started those.

My coffee was done brewing so I doctored up that first cup, the most delicious cup of the day, nearly every time. And drank that while stirring the hamburger and eggs.

I put away all my dried dishes sitting in the strainer, to make room for the fresh ones i was about to wash.

And got out the crock pot and got it started for the Chili!!!!!!!!!!!

Drained the hamburger.

Turned off the eggs.

Put two pieces of bread in the toaster.

Drank coffee.

Ate my lovely breakfast and pondered the beauty of the snow and the Utter Beauty of the Fact that I do not need to leave my house for nearly 24 hours!

Put the hamburger into the crock and added all the rest of my cans o' goodness, AND rinsed out all the cans to be taken to recycling. That AND is worth noting. sometimes I just leave them all out to sit and rot and eventually smell because I truly am that lazy.

Just as I was putting the chili powder into my concoction I hear my neighbor at the door. I make him wait while I stir and get my robe and he gives me back a couple of boxes and a tupperware container I had lent them. We chat for awhile in the doorway and I make faces and laugh at his kids. Then I send them all on their way to continue my Productive Saturday!

I stir up the Chili!!!!!!!!!!! and wash up my dishes. I wipe down all my countertops. drank the sink and run the disposal. And sit down to start the book I got for Christmas.

And I delight. that I have been productive. that I can go into my kitchen and see that I did something this morning. Don't get me wrong, I delight nearly as much in my lazy mornings where I do nothing but drink coffee and read or drink coffee and play on the computer or even sometimes drink coffee and watch tv or movies. But that is probably why I am delighting so much in today, it is such a rarity for me.

As I came into my office to write this I realized something else. Nearly all my Productive Saturday!s are productive in my kitchen. I think that's probably because the rest of my house is so out of control that even an entire Saturday Devoted to cleaning that room wouldn't get it all done. And that fact would depress me and send me crying to Farmville or Petville or Fishville or some other imaginary world in which 10 clicks cleans the entire house.

Today I am reveling. In my clean kitchen, my started pot of Chili!!!!!!!!!!!, my super delicous coffee in my fantastic new mug, and my new book. A book which in the 3 forewards and first 2 pages of chapter 1 has me utterly and completely hooked. So, before I run off to check my farm or my fish or something, I'm going to go read some more. Just wanted to share my Productive Saturday! delight.

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  1. I've been lurking around, popping in and out for a little while, so I thought I'd wave and say hi! *waves* Hi! Glad to hear that you had a productive Saturday--more than I can say for my Saturday... *sweatdrop* Looking forward to more posts! I've had quite a good time looking through your previous posts (especially the ones on being single--I'm still a bit young, but reading your optimism on being single and it being okay is very encouraging. Don't lose hope! :D )