Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heart is breaking.

I read this blog/newsletter thing called (in)courage. I enjoy it, and I skim it, and sometimes I really focus on what I'm reading. Today I finally caught up on it a bit and found a post from Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience about hearts breaking just a little. And at the end she asked
What’s breaking your heart a bit right now?
I needed to comment. So I said:

My heart is breaking a lotta bit right now. Because My Daddy died two weeks ago. And it still doesn't quite seem real. and it has never felt right. and I make it through my days as if nothing has changed and then wonder if I'm ok or not because shouldn't I need more time off work? Shouldn't I have a harder time getting out of bed? Does it say something about me or my love for him that I am continuing to function quite well??

So my heart is breaking. My Daddy is gone. And I will never get to kiss his stubbly cheek again on this side of the veil.
And then I needed to share it further. So now it's here for you.

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