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Project Rescue - more soapbox

I put up that blog about the movie Taken about the modern day slave/sex trade.

You know I feel strongly.

I have subscribed to a couple of different blogs and newsletters, mostly of Christian organizations, to keep me up to date and aware and prayerful of the situations and needs around the world in this area. Tonight I got this praising/testimony one from Project Rescue. You read it and not be moved. I dare you.

Prayer Needs July 2009

Dear Friends,
We wanted to send you an update on the prayer request we sent out a few weeks ago. The little 11 year old girl ("Tina") that we were praying for has been released by her mother and has been moved out of the brothel into a safe school for girls! We continue to pray for a safe transition and that the Lord will keep his hand on Tina's life and will bring other young ones out of the brothel and into a safer place. We also pray that the Lord will open doors for the mothers of these little ones to leave the brothels and find new life in Christ.

Below is a reflection from one of our Project Rescue colleagues working in Tina's hometown.

"Tina moved into her new home today.

³Behold, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation" (II Cor 6:2)

I read this last night as I prayed for today's trip to the brothel. I felt God telling me to relax and to get good sleep, that the prayers of many others were going to carry His plan through. Despite the sense of heaviness, I slept.

I awoke to a hot dusty morning and began to pray, and the statement was on my mind-- Today is the day of salvation. Instead of fearing disappointment, I knew God was asking me to believe in faith, and I wrote it in my journal and asked God to have His perfect will in Tina¹s life today. For the first time H (another worker) could not come, and I headed to meet colleagues at our usual meeting place near the RLD alone. Together we walked down the busy street to the brothel was the longest walk of my life...but with each step I heard it louder: Today is the day of salvation. Not for anyone else's glory but God's.

We arrived at the doorway and greeted the ladies. A few steps up Sunita (the girl's mother) was sitting, her makeup done nicely and her hair done up in a fancy knot...she was clearly going somewhere. She motioned us upstairs and inside was Tina in a cute dressy outfit, glowing with excitement, pulling her few things together-- some soap, a toothbrush, a couple outfits. Her mother lovingly oiled her hair and braided it perfectly. And there, waiting for us upon arrival was another little lady from the brothel next door with her 3children sitting around her. She told us that she wanted to send her children with us, but the most urgent was the little five year old girl sitting next to her. This young mother, Doma*, told us she had paid for each of her kids to stay in hostels, only to find out they were abused and neglected. She asked hundreds of questions like, "Is there a guard at the home?" and "Do they really go to a good school?" and THEN she brought her"husband" in, introduced us, and explained all the reasons why she should send the kids with us. She asked if she could come with us and see the home. Within 20 minutes we had several mothers and 10 children who are needing a home. The ONLY problem is that Tina has taken up the last spot in the girls' home, so there is only the home for boys. I looked over at Doma's little 5year old, Pooja* and...well, something will be done about the lack of a girls' home, I am sure of that. There was only room for 8 in the vehicle and we already had 7, so we assured Doma that she could come see the home next week, but we allowed little Pooja to take the trip with us today.Before anyone could change their mind we said, "Let's go!" and made a beeline down the street for the vehicle.

Before I knew it I was crammed in a jeep with 5 ladies and two girls. Tina got motion-sick and vomited everywhere, and Pooja fell asleep in my lap. I sat there with Pooja in my lap thinking, This has got to be my best day in India so far. We drove the hour to the home and took time to get Tina settled in. The other girls welcomed her and chatted with her, we had a snack, and then it became time to leave with Sunita. This was when Tina realized she was saying Goodbye to her Mamma, and stood at the gate in tears, waving goodbye. My colleague watched and said, "She will be miserable like this all week, but then she'll never want to leave".

I PRAY that it is so.
I PRAY that the buzz of excitement about our "boarding schools" continues.
I PRAY that Tina feels the love and the peace around her even tonight.
I PRAY that even as she misses her Mamma, she remembers she is safe.
I PRAY that she learns quickly that God is her loving father who will never harm her, leave her, or let her down.
I PRAY that God's first rescue through us will be a tale of His faithfulness, and will result in MANY girls' lives--healed and whole.

Seeds had been planted.Those seeds were watered by the prayers that went before me today.
Those waters broke a dam of Spiritual darkness over the darkest of prisons.
May the floods of HOPE continue to flow in that place till EVERY woman knows and tastes of eternal freedom.
Thanks to your intercession, the waters are flowing. Thank you."

We truly value and appreciate your prayers. They are moving mountains!

David and Beth Grant · Toll Free 866-862-0919 · Local 417-833-5564 · Fax 417-833-5568www.projectrescue.comP.O. Box 922, Springfield, MO 65801

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