Monday, July 20, 2009

I feel the need ... the need for

Okay, well not a 'need' like one 'needs' to breath and consume sustenance. But a need that many many people understand. I have never before truly understood this thing. I've heard people talk about it and I scoff. Usually while eating something high in fat, or sugar, or sodium, or a combination of all and calories to boot.

I noticed it first last week. It reminded me of the time 4 years ago when I suddenly realized I was antsy @ work. Just antsy about being in the same place for too long. Antsy to be moving on to something else, something new, something exciting, something with a fresh challenge. At that time I stayed where I was because I realized that antsiness does not translate well on a resume. Especially when immediately preceeded by a year of unemployment cleverly disguised under direct sales and temp jobs.

This time, when I felt the antsy, I ignored it a day and chalked it up to indigestion. But then it hit the 2nd day as well. And no indigestion blaming this time. I had an epiphany ......


Like, physically, move my body, use my limbs and muscles for something other than simply keeping my job and feeding my santa belly. (you didn't know I had a santa belly? i do, it jiggles like a bowl full of jelly, often of it's own accord) And my preferred form of movement is my bicycle.

I (heart) my bicycle.

If I were smart enough to remember the rules of haikus etc from 5th grade english I might try to pen something poetic about my bike. However, the only thing I remember from 5th grade was the warning we got about laughing at the words penis or vagina during sex ed.

Instead I will say that I finally understand why runners keep running. Probably also why spinners keep spinning. And possibly any number of other sports people keep doing whatever it is their sport requires.

I get it!!!

That antsy feeling, once I recognized it for what it was, almost felt, seriously, like an incredibly mild twitch in my muscles. Unfortunately, I didn't 'feel 'able to go out on any rides. I had, I thought, a few too many things going on those couple of nights and didn't make it happen. Saturday I got to run an errand like a mile or so away, which I rode. But, It was windy and my legs were losing their conditioning so they were pretty sore. But it still felt good to get out. Plus a random guy yelled a potentially flattering obscenity towards me, so I could feel good about that. Although I did go home a different way so I wouldn't pass that house just in case he was psycho.

But I was able to go for a long ride again tonight, and just breathed those deep lung cleansing breaths I talked about before. And thought about little or nothing the entire ride. Except how I neeeeeded to get this post up. And how much I suddenly understand a runner's need to run! Suddenly I do not think they are all absolutely out of their friggin minds. I stand by my motto that "I don't run unless you are chasing me . . . with a knife." But I will cycle, happily, often and looooong rides.

As soon as I figure out how to be certain I avoid carpal tunnel at the same time. Something about how I balance against my handlebars hurts my hands a bit.


Plus, I met another new friend. I named him Chuck. Because I thought he was a woodchuck. But now we think he was probably a groundhog. I only got a couple of pictures of him though because I was waiting for him to move, which he did, waaaaay faster than I thought he could and thus, he disappeared before I could get more pictures. Plus there was a stupid chain link fence between me and Chuck and my camera insisted on focusing on the chain links instead of Chuck.
My first glimpse of my new friend.

"Hark me thinks yonder is the sound of danger!"

"or it could just be my santa belly, which is cleverly hidden amongst this dead grass"

"Nope, it was danger, I'm outta here"

"Did i leave any snacks in here last time I visited??"

This little spot where the arrow is pointing is where he seriously 'hid' amongst the gravel. He ran so fast and I could NOT snap pics that fast and then I looked away to steady my bike so I could get off and get closer to the chain link to get his picture and 'shwoosh' he's gone! but that little brushed out part, that is Chuck's doing.


  1. Groundhog = woodchuck = whistle pig!

  2. Thanks for the creature talk! Woodchucks are seriously fast. It kinda creeps me out...they are so unwieldy, they should not go so quick!