Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 11 - local love!

I love my local library. Do you? You ought. With the economy being what it is, and everyone tightening up their belts,the library is a FANTASTIC place to get things you want! You can get CDroms and books on CD. You can borrow movies ... for free!!! And, of course, you can get books on a myriad of interesting subjects. Curious about the Civil War? They've got something for that.

Curious about who in the heck Ann Coulter is?
They got something for that.

Wish you could afford to subscribe to Oprah, the Magazine?
They got it.

Wish you could subscribe to Architectural Digest
I think they probably got it.

Not to mention the classes and computer access ... and the kids room!! Which I don't really ever go in, but it can mean a lot to you moms!!

I always go overboard at the library. Always. Last time I was there I managed to hold back and did 2 dvds and a book. A book which I returned tonight because I realized it was just plain not that intriguing and it would become a chore to finish it. And if I let myself get much further invested in it, iwould end up with late fines trying to finish it on principle.

This time I was only going to get a couple of books. I came home with 7 books and 2 movies.

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. - because I've just always wanted to see it.
Persuasion, movie adaptation of a Jane Austen novel - because it is mentioned in The Lake House (which a friend still has!) and now I'm curious if I'll enjoy it at all or not.

I also just returned from my National Convention for my side business. L'Bri Pure 'n Natural skincare & cosmetics. So, I'm trying to overcome my only true obstacle, which lies between my ears. I got the following for that:

The Boss of You - Everything a Woman needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business.
Before you Quit Your Job by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
Conquering Cold-calling fear
Direct Sales, from like 1995, but who knows, it might have a few jewels.
Build it Big from the Direct Selling Women's Alliance, because the woman who founded the DSWA was one of our two major speakers this weekend, and she told us to buy this one. If I read it and want to write in it, I'll buy it in september when I have another paycheck with some cushion.
The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught me for Women.
And speaking of Millionaires I saw this one waiting for me on the New Releases rack. Become your own Matchmaker-8 Easy Steps for Attracting your Perfect Mate. I am already reasonably certain I'm not going to like around half of her advice, but I figure Patti Stanger might have something to offer me as the Millionaire Matchmaker. Plus, if you go back into my archives on my MSN blog page, I went on one time about how she matched this ridiculous woman to this decent guy and the guy TOTALLY fell in love with that chick. And I thought "If she can get love, then i am set!"

And I have had a very productive night. I did some business calls. I did a business outing and expanded my comfort zone a bit. I ate supper and chatted with a couple of friends online. And now it is time for sleepy. I really wish I had time to watch The Prize winner, but it is almost 10 and I'm still wiped from the weekend. Off to wash my face and to bed I go!!

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