Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 12 - The world at my feet

Finally went on another bike ride tonight. Oh my goodness!! Apparently, if you haven't ridden in, what, 2 weeks? 3? you probably shouldn't go straight back to the 10+ mile track you were doing when you were cycling 2 and 3 times per week minimum!! wowie!! The legs were a trembling about 3/4 of the way through my route. But then I also realized that I hadn't eaten anything to help get myself through the rut.

I needed a ride. I needed it a lot. I pondered a few things, and did not come up with anything profound. but I did have a new push for the ride. I mentioned yesterday that I got a book from the Library called Build it Big for direct sellers. Well, I started it today. The first essay was a good, well-chosen essay to begin with. Each essay has a few action steps you can take for that item, which is also handy. but the thing that struck me was right before the action steps he said something to the effect that you only have to exceed your expectations of yourself. Hmmm. That was new to me. I've learned a lot about expectations in the last 5 years since my Pastor came to our church. But I hadn't realized, I guess, how little I truly expect of myself. I expect a way lotta incredible stuff from my friends and family, not the least of which includes a bit of reading my mind; but, apparently, I don't expect all that much out of myself.

This is probably why I allow myself to be so deeply, incredibly lazy the vast majority of the time. I spend hours, literally hours! screwing around doing useless nothing on facebook and reading interesting and amusing blogs, but I can't be bothered to do my dishes or pick up my crap, much less actually work towards building something that I continually say that I want to have.

There was a revelation moment this weekend at our convention. Nicki Kealohohou (i think) was speaking about the truest reasons people get into direct sales. Most people will say money, or possibly time away from the kids, or for the discount, or the trips or whatever. But truly it usually comes down, at the deepest level, to one of just a few things. You want someone to respect you, you want someone to be proud of you, another one that escapes me at this moment, and You want to build something of your own from scratch. And a small bell went off in my mind. I dream, and I dream big! And it always includes other people, and it always includes an incredible amount of ownership for me. And I realized, that is my truest, deepest motivation. The same gut level motivation that makes me want to write and publish a book.

I pondered while riding that if all I truly have to do is beat myself then the rest should be fairly easy. I have the knowledge, I just have to script some of it out. I have the passion, I just have to share it. I have a phenomenal company behind me, I just need to utilize what they offer me. In so many ways I truly have the world at my feet. I just need to start walking!!

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