Thursday, August 20, 2009

day 14 - boys on the brain

I once told a friend, years ago, that the only way I would watch horror movies is if I had a boy to go to bed next to me and either distract me from the horrors of said movie or protect me from them. To which he replied "well, I'm thinking you'd prefer a 'man' for that, a boy might not do you much good." Which is true, but I prefer alliteration to accuracy tonight.

Got a message from the editor I write movie reviews for tonight after work. He wanted something to post, could I get him something? I said yeah probably, let me look around and see what's available. Checked the video store website and checked if we had a review for one of the 2 movies that intrigues me. Then checked the theater website and saw that a movie I've been wanting to see since it premiered back in June is still there! So I asked if he would prefer that one or Julie and Julia. He said That One. Lovely answer friend!

Tonight at 6:45, on a whim, sorta, I jumped in the car, grabbed fast food for supper, and hit the theater to watch

The Proposal.

I have loved Sandra Bullock since, probably High School. And Ryan Reynolds since Definitely, Maybe came out. And he and I will be engaged as soon as he divorces Scarlett Johansson, according to Facebook we will be anyway. Plus there is Betty White, Craig T. Nelson and Mary Steenburgen.

It was excellent. Loved it. LOVED IT!

It was a few steps above your typical romantic comedy. It was sweeter in the right spots. Laugh out Loud funny in plenty of places. And just the right combination of chemistry.

Since I have boys on the brain anyway. I realized about 1/3 of the way into the movie, that the style of their relationship is exactly what I want to have. Well, aside from the potentially felony creating and fraudulent marriage, and her incredible insensitivity and inflexibility at the beginning. The way they interact just really resonated with me.

They have a hugging scene and at the end of it she pats his cheek and says "Such a nice fiancee." And then slaps him kind of hard. And it made me giggle. They are in a truck earlier and when he refuses to answer her she punches him in the arm. But when he accidentally dumps her into the ocean he wraps her up in a sweater and holds her close to warm her back up. Those little things. He took charge when he needed to in order to get her attention, but in a lot of things and ways he was perfectly content to let her have the lead.

I will be purchasing this movie off the pre-viewed rack at Blockbuster as soon as it's available ... and I can find 2-3 other movies to round out the deal they always are offering.

Go see it. It's good. And lovely. And Ryan is some freakin lovely eye-candy.

And, if you'd like, you can read my full, official review here.

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