Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 2 - Vanity run Amuck

I was going to tell you all this. Then I decided no, I'll save it for when I see people and can get their dramatic and intensely gratifying responses. Then I decided I don't have anything better to say and it's getting late for me and I haven't even eaten supper yet and I have to check on my facebok Restaurant and email a friend to get directions to her house and i'm just gosh darn out of time to get creative any other way. And I'm not feeling the vibe from the 1st exercise in the book.

I had an 'appointment' today. That was all I told the office. Because I was proactively trying to avoid irritation at sniping because it was a hair cut appointment and not something 'important.' When I returned I got a couple of dramatic responses and a couple of not so dramatic responses. One coworker told me she thought it looked more curly only to be followed by another coworker saying she thought it looked less curly.

I was originally going to be babysitting for a friend tonight for a few hours possibly. And at 2:00 she texted me to say they in fact did not need my services. So, I was suddenly left with an open evening ... What to do???

Ride my bike across town to my parents to show off the haircut!!
Of Course!

It is only about 6-10 miles from my house to theirs. It was a lovely ride. Perfect weather, in my opinion. Sister liked it. Mom liked it. When asked directly dad said he thought something looked different. I had 5 or so inches chopped off! Gawd I do love that man. And even moreso because after spending 45 minutes at my sister's house and 45 minutes at my parent's house it was much too dark to be riding back home on the bike. He drove me. Whattaguy!!

I had hoped that this could be a slightly profound post of something worth mentioning. I'm apparently under the impression that I write a deep thoughts blog that requires intense concentration. but, wait, I put up a picture of a bunny, a groundhog, oh, yeah, that's right and me next to a giant fake sow! Not so deep thoughts anymore are we smart one!
Have I mentioned that I am very tired of being alone? not just lonely, although that makes it worse, i'm just galdarn tired of being alone so often. Well, maybe not often, but @ 'critical' times ... or something like that.
oh, and, have i told you yet how much I have absolutely fall in love? With baked potatoes slathered in ranch dressing and parmesan cheese??? newest love. Perfect for a very late supper.

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