Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 3 - I am Looking at

The first exercise in the book is to spend 10 minutes straight writing, specifically, what I Am Looking At. I can do that. And although I wasn't 'feeling' this exercise last night, I am today. why? Mostly because i am trying to avoid a scathing, ranty, rude and possibly damaging blog lamenting the various stupid people I have to deal with. I am realizing I have an incredibly low tolerance for stupid. So ...

I Am Looking At my emachines monitor. which holds a postcard that says 'Writing - Weekly Photography - Monthly' Originally a way of setting a goal for 2008 to remind myself to do something with my writing weekly and do something with my photography monthly. Also a water bottle, scissors, white-board marker, empty mini-bottle of coke, computer speakers, 3 remote controls, a handful of pencils, another postcard which says 'maintain budget' not doing so well on that one, my calendar, a motivational candleholder I received as a gift on a shelf I bought at goodwill. An interesting piece of artwork I did in college. My license plate renewal notice which was due at the end of June (oops!). My eft schedule for a bill, my corkboard full of items, the hot guy birthday card I got from my coworker, the slip of paper that has my rough budget on it, another slip with my 2009 goals on it ... I am mostly failing MISERABLY at that list. A lovely prose essay I read awhile back and reformatted to put up and inspire myself. My credit score, a prayer letter, two quotes from close friends about my goals for this year. The loan payoff statement on my car insurance. The mini lamp my godmother put in the grab bag a couple of christmases ago which I love but now don't really have a 'place' for. a box of kleenex. the red sorter thingy i use for my receipts. my lovely lovely lovely camera sitting on top of a pot holder. oh, look the other potholder is under my arms and that would explain why I couldn't find them both in the drawer last night. my pink dollar store calculator, since I somehow NEVER have a calculator when i want one. a random mirror that I have on my desk for no apparent reason. A postage scale for when I mail heavy-ish items out. My bill sorter, my hp printer that I got as a gift from my friend Mary .....

I think 10 minutes is up. and, more importantly, that wasn't too hard for me. More or less how my brain works almost all the time. The 2nd part of the exercise is to spend another 10 minutes telling what "I'm thinking of...."

I'm thinking of ... things I don't want to post for all the world to see. I'm thinking of how lovely it will be to reconnect with an old friend from college tonight. I should probably go gather some hangin out clothes so I don't have to come back home after I get off work. But then if I go to the interstate down this road rather than that road then I won't feel likeI'm backtracking and won't mind coming home in between. I'm thinking of whether or not her kids will like me. What will her husband be like? I met him once or twice but never for very long. What will she be like for that matter. We spent some time together in college but we didn't get THAT close, I didn't think. So, this should be interesting.

and, now another boring post concluded .... because I just realized I have to be back to work before the 10 minutes for this portion is up.

however, I had to get this up because I know for certain I will NOT be home early enough to post anything tonight. So, I had to get it in today if I wanted to hold to my goal. Hopefully somethign much more interesting and amusing tomorrow. I'm going to a business thing with my sister tomorrow after work and then probably to see a movie at a friend's house. Somewhere in there should be some gooooooood blogger fodder.


  1. Why does the junk on your desk sound so much more interesting than the junk on my desk? Who are you going to visit tonight? Please don't backtrack, you know how I feel about that!!! ;)

  2. I'm going to see Mariah, she lived in my dorm. Not sure if you knew her ...

    Definitely no backtracking, definitely not!!