Thursday, April 22, 2010

en espanol por favor

When I was 18 I went to mexico. I didn't have the relationship to The Christ that I do now. But even then I knew I wanted something more than what I had. At that time he was still "out there" somewhere, probably with a plus and minus check board keeping track. But I wanted something to do with him.


While on that trip to Mexico, somewhere, I have absolutely no clue where, probably in Mexico DF (Mexico City for the non-natives) since that is where La Virgen de Guadalupe cathedral place is. I bought a plaque. A small postcard decoupaged onto wood plaque. And that postcard has what I am fairly certain is a painting or La Virgen de Guadalupe on it, next to a saying. a series of phrases that I need to look up at and repeat much more often. Which shouldn't be at all hard, since it is posted just above my eyeline above the edge of my computer monitor!

It reads:
Donde hay Fe, hay Amor,
Donde hay Amor, hay Paz,
Donde hay Paz, esta Dios,
Y donde esta Dios,
No falta Nada!!

Yes, with TWO exclamation points!

It is a fairly straight forward translation. The last line is a bit tricky, but I'm not going to look it up, I'm going to share with you what I say to myself.

Where there is Faith, there is Love,
Where there is Love, there is Peace,
Where there is Peace, there is God
And where there is God,
nothing is missing/lacking!!

When I do take a moment to look at it, it settles my soul. I have been nutso crazyo busy these last few weeks/months. I seldom slow down for anything other than sleep. Somewhat by choice since I'm in a pretty significant Depression Battle right now. But also simply by necessity since this is how I have chosen to design my life over the last few years. Culminations and all that. And I'm thinking of adding another HUGEOLA piece over the summer! (am I nuts!) But I read a fantastic blog tonight, and sent it to a friend to share. And as I hit send on her email I looked up and re-read my plaque from Mexico DF. And thought

"I need to share that."

*be warned, there is slightly liberal use of an expletive in that post. Read at your own risk.

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