Friday, August 13, 2010


I got a really mean, offensive comment on the last post I put up. It has totally thrown me for a loop. I keep thinking of this blog I read yesterday and how it can really mess with your mind to put yourself out there for the entire cyber-world to see and have the ignoramuses or know-it-alls comment back to everything you have to say.

This is the first truly offensive comment I've gotten in quite some time. Due to the nature of what was said, I feel like it might be a person who actually knows me in real life. Which makes me wonder how many poeple feel like that towards me.

do people really believe I am mean and vindictive?
do they walk in eggs around me to avoid my wrath?

I don't know. Honestly, I am mostly annoyed that it is bugging me to begin with. And I can't seem to make myself delete it yet either. I had started a whole different post about it, but can't seem to gather my thoughts well enough to be comfortable posting that.

The one thing I will say is that the very nature of blogging is self-centered and me me me. Because that's what we write about, us bloggers. We write about what we know. What we experience. What we see. I wouldn't feel comfortable blogging about other people or their expectations or their experiences, nor would I want to. I blog to share my experience. My last post had two purposes. First and foremost to vent out the thoughts and feelings that were stuck in my head. And two, to hopefully show someone else that they were not alone in their experience!


I'm going to post this and go back to work. Maybe I'll gather some thoughts by tonight and get those posted later.

Oh, I also should note, I'm going to figure out how to disable anonymous comments. KB you should still be able to post, just give it a name and an email, the email shouldn't publish, I don't think. But I'm not going to leave this space, which was supposed to be my little corner of the cyber-world, open to thieves who wish to kill and destroy me. Sorry Anonymous commenter!

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