Monday, October 10, 2011

~day 10~ Hope is discouragement

I volunteer with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at University of Wisconsin Whitewater.  I absolutely adore my students. I work mostly with the girls, checking in, getting to know them, offering perspective and prayer and the occasional shoulder.  This year I am also working with our servant team, the group of upper classmen that are basically guiding the chapter.  Tonite one of our leaders was a little discouraged that we haven't had any "conversions" this year or in the recent past.  We discussed the reasons behind this and what we can or should be doing to change it and, as is usually the case with something as large as this, came up with no solid, definitive answers.

But here's the thing.  He was so frustrated by the situation, the lack of God movement, the lack of faith, and the lack of solid ideas on how to change it.  That frustration looked quite similar to passion and zeal.  I was so encouraged by his discouragement and frustration because it shows he cares. It shows he wants more than what the status quo has been. It shows he believes there can be more, that there is 'more' available to us. It shows he recognizes there are people all around him that do not know the amazing and wonderful God that we love and serve who loves us.  It shows me that our focus is pretty good. We are desiring to be a group that is busy being about the work of God and not just doing what we've always done because that's what we've always done.

It sounds so contrary and almost a little mean. But, tonite I was encouraged by his discouragement.  Tonite, his discouragement brought me fresh hope.

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