Monday, October 17, 2011

~day 17~ Hope is Connection

I've had a day.  Very very busy day at work. Our secretary took the day off and I was just kind of swamped all day long.  It took until about 4:00 to see the top of my desk again.   And there are still plenty of things to get done.  So, for most of the day I was very involved in the things immediately in front of me.  Little connection with anyone else.  Little connection with people yesterday too.  A couple of moments with friends at church and then the afternoon and evening with only my mom.  Which was good, it was great to watch the Packers win again and finish fixing my Halloween costume.  It just wasn't much in terms of quantity or volume of connection.

Tonite I came to campus and took a student out to supper.  She was so excited to know it was my treat.  I thought I told her that at one point, but maybe not.  Then I bought tea for another one.  We connected.  It was good.  The first one is a freshman who is just getting started in life "on her own."  The other has done quite a bit of traveling and is much more settled in life, even if she won't finish school for a couple more years.  I got to talk to each of them and connect a bit.  I got to know more about who they are, what they believe and where they come from.

That connection always gives me hope.  Hope that the world might be able to avoid that handbasket scenario.  Hope that I am not alone in what I believe.  Hope that God is still at work.  He is still accomplishing his purposes.  Hope that the depression can't overwhelm, won't overtake, doesn't win.  All of those connections that I make every day build me up.  They take me out of my self.  They remind me that not only does the world not revolve around me, but that I'm not alone in this world either.  I need those connections.  I need to cultivate those connections.  For the sake of my mental, emotional and spiritual health.  I need that ongoing reminder that others care about me. That I am a blessing to other's lives.  That they are glad I am a part of their life.  And I can be glad they are a part of my life.

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